With the NBA Draft just around the corner, the Grant Napear Show was full of draft talk. Grant took calls about what the Kings should do with their number five draft pick. Along with that, callers called in about the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s. Grant interviewed Scott Howard-Cooper, Matt Steinmetz and Sam Amico.

Scott Howard-Cooper from NBA.com joined Grant today to talk about the NBA Draft. Scott said that this year’s NBA Draft will be fun because there are so many different scenarios that can play out. In fact, Scott said that Anthony Davis to the New Orleans Hornets is the only lock in this draft.

Grant said that every year there is a player expected to be a top 5 pick that slides down. Scott said though that he doesn’t see any top 5 prospects sliding past 6 or 7.

Charlotte is trying hard to trade their 2nd overall pick, but Scott said that they’ll probably keep that pick. He said that this draft class was built up very high, but has come way down which is why the Bobcats want to trade their pick. While they will keep looking for a good deal for their pick, Scott thinks that they’ll use it.

Scott and Grant then talked about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who Scott said would be a great player for the Kings if he falls to them at number 5. He said that he adds to the Kings’ bad shooting problem, but he’s a terrific defender and fills a need at small forward. Scott also said that Kidd-Gilchrist is very mature and was a “glue guy” in the locker room at Kentucky as a freshman.

Next, Grand and Scott talked about the Golden State Warriors. Scott said that the Warriors are in a tough spot with no ideal outcome. They will have a few decent options that won’t fit any need for them. He said that Andre Drummond, Dion Waiters and Damian Lillard are all possibilities if the Warriors don’t trade down from number seven, which they may do.

Grant also asked if there would be any big name trades. Scott said that no huge names would come up for a trade on draft day, but Andre Iguodala or Pau Gasol could move. However people will more likely be talking about picks getting swapped around. He said that the Warriors will be the most fascinating team to watch in the draft on Thursday.

Finally, Grant asked what Houston was doing. Scott said that Houston is trying to make a big move, and have been since Yao Ming started getting hurt consistently.


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