SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A homeless veteran whose seizure alert dog was badly injured in an attack by another dog is now on the road to recovery after some generous and caring people stepped into help.

On Tuesday, Mumzie was with her owner Nathan Bragg outside the Motel 6 on Arden Way in Sacramento when another dog attacked her severely injuring her leg.

“Mumzie has saved my life. She’s gotten me medical help on numerous occasions,” said Bragg. “It’s my turn to help her.”

But Bragg, an army veteran and now homeless, had no way to get Mumzie to a vet or pay for the emergency care.

WATCH: Veteran’s Service Dog Injured In Attack

Bragg was able to pay for a room at the Motel 6 so Mumzie could get out of the elements and sleep on a bed.

On Wednesday morning, CBS13’s sister-station featured Mumzie’s story on Good Day Sacramento. It was clear Mumzie was sick and in need of medical attention.

Almost immediately, viewers began calling to try and help Bragg and Mumzie.

Viewer Jeannie Sugar offered to drive Bragg and Mumzie to the Blue Ravine Animal Hospital in Folsom. The Blue Ravine staff graciously welcomed Mumzie into their clinic.

A doctor says Mumzie was suffering from a broken leg, fever and infection. And thanks more generous viewers Mumzie’s $1,500 medical bill was covered by donations.

On Friday, after spending some time at the vet’s, Mumzie is back with Bragg at the Motel 6. She has a cast on her leg and medicine to help with the infection and pain. She was even up and moving around.

And thanks to another viewer, Bragg and Mumzie will be able to stay at the Motel 6 for another two weeks while she is on the mend.


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