SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local security guard is recovering after being shot in the head with a flare gun during a scuffle with a suspect.

On Saturday, the victim, Kyle Karr, was patrolling Old Sacramento when nearby employees flagged him down to point out a man throwing things at people.

“I asked the individual to leave and at that point he stated he was going to kill me,” said Karr. “I heard a large bang, it almost sounded like a shotgun.”

Karr says he left to get assistance from nearby police officers, but the man, identified by police as Timothy Grffin, gave chase. It was a bizarre attack that even Karr admits he’s never dealt with.

“He was basically just following me saying he was going to kill me. He was very incoherent,” said Karr.

And that’s when Karr said the man grabbed at his waistband.

“I kind of thought it was a squirt gun or something,” said Karr.

However, it was no squirt gun, rather a flare gun, usually a tool for survival turned into a weapon.

Coincidentally, one of our CBS13 employees witnessed the attack.

“He walked up to the guy and then shot him on the side of the face and it ricocheted off and hit the building across the street,” said Akili Daniels.

“I collapsed at one point, after the guy was already hooked up, and Sac PD arrived,” said Karr. “I couldn’t really see because there was a lot of blood leaking in my eyes.”

Amazingly, Karr got the guy in custody.

“I never thought of it before, probably will react differently next time,” said Karr.

Karr remains hospitalized at UC Davis Medical Center with head swelling and internal bleeding. It’s not clear if the suspect was taken to jail or for a mental evaluation.

Flare guns are not considered firearms in the state of California.

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