NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) – As people flock to the parks and trails, wildlife officials are still concerned about an aggressive big cat on the loose.

“You’re tripping me out cause the first thing you said when you got out of the van was ‘mountain lion,’ ” Pete Sullivan said to CBS13.

It wasn’t quite the welcome Sullivan was hoping for after a long drive from Chico.

Sullivan and his pup Tank won’t hang out too long in a beautiful swimming spot northwest of Nevada City.

It’s because of a search for an aggressive mountain lion potentially on the prowl.

“We’ll stay for a few hours so the dog can go swimming and then we’re out of here, no camping for us,” said Sullivan.

California Department of Fish and Game wrapped up day four of the search. They were unable to pick up a fresh scent of the 100 pound female cat that attacked a sleeping camper over the weekend, near a tributary on the Yuba River.

They found tracks yesterday but no sign today.

“This is a pretty safe spot, lots of people,” said Justin Vincent, park attendant.

Fourth of July swimmers and hikers didn’t stay away from the area near the attack site. But even those who feel pretty safe, like newlywed Vincent, admit they’re keeping watch on the wilderness.

“Keep an eye on your surroundings. Make sure you’re not going off. Make sure the kids aren’t sneaking off by themselves,” said Vincent.

Then there are those who simply aren’t fazed at all. Even as the 63-year-old camper recovers from severe bite wounds and scratches.

“It wasn’t in my awareness when I was out today,” said hiker Sarah Griscom.

Fish and Game will be back out in full force Thursday and possibly Friday as well, looking for that mountain lion.

Fish and Game points out that mountain lion attacks are extremely rare. There have only been 15 reported incidents since 1890.


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