HALF MOON BAY (CBS13) – A new community could be formed in Northern California for thousands of tech workers from overseas.

It would be out in the ocean, 12 miles out from Half Moon Bay.

At that distance, the floating community would be in international waters where foreign entrepreneurs who cannot gets visas could legally live.

The so-called “Blueseed” project would turn a cruise ship into a floating office park for up to 1,800 people.

“We’re projecting an average rent of about $1,600 per person per month. It includes rent for living and office space. Then the ferry service back and forth will be about $20-$30 a leg,” explained Blueseed CEO & co-founder Max Marty.

Blueseed officials say more than 250 companies have expressed interest in the plan.

The group is now trying to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to get it started.


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