SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento police were on patrol for one of their busiest boating days of the year.

They were responding to emergency situations like a woman not wearing a life jacket when she capsized her jet ski in the middle of the Sacramento River.

“It just flipped over on me,” said Alicia Moore. “I didn’t know how to flip it back over.”

“We want everyone here wearing lifejackets,” said Officer Traci Trapani.

Moments earlier another rescue; a man was stranded in the middle of the river with no gas.

“I was nervous about the speeding boats around me,” said Marcelo Tolosa.

One of the most dangerous parts is the confluence where the Sacramento and American Rivers meet up.

In just a matter of hours, officers handed out five citations for alcohol and boating safety violations.

“I think today was a good education day for a lot of people. So of the hazardous violations we can give warnings too and we can give citations to those who didn’t have the proper equipment on board,” said Trapani.

Stressing safety is all part of the job, and boaters notice.


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