NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – In a trend that reflects what’s happening across America, the number of people applying locally for gun permits and going to gun ranges is soaring.

It’s the Fourth of July, so what better way for the O’Donnell family to celebrate Independence Day then by making their own fireworks. They’re at the grand opening of The Gun Range, a gun range located in North Highlands

“Let’s do it, it’s really fun,” Kaylyn O’Donnell said when her dad told her the family would be spending the Fourth of July at The Gun Range.

“Anytime they open a new range in the area, we want to be able to support it,” said Kaylyn’s father.

The gun range is 8,200 square feet with 15 stalls for target practice.

Co-owner John Kennedy says Independence Day was the perfect day for a grand opening.

“One of the things we always celebrate here is our rights, in particular, our Second Amendment rights,” said Kennedy.

And Kennedy may cash in as well.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says gun permits are way up. They’ve already processed 500 this year.

“People don’t have time to run to the country, and shoot off their guns and this offers an environment that’s climate controlled,” said Kennedy.

And customers say it’s convenient.

“My husband really loves shooting, so we all thought we’d do it together as a family,” said one attendant.

The O’Donnell’s say families that shoot together, stay together.

It’s a good way to celebrate the Fourth of July,” said Kaylyn’s father.

Editor’s note: CBS13 erroneously reported The Gun Range is the only indoor shooting range in Sacramento. The title and the dateline have been corrected. The part of the story claiming it was the only gun range in Sacramento county has also been corrected.


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