ISLETON (CBS13) – This isn’t the first death threat former Isleton police chief Steve Adams has received, but he says it’s by far the scariest.

“It’s hard to fight back the tears,” said Adams.

It’s a short, yet, chilling and frightening message. It was just three words, “Your Family Dead,” spray painted on Adams’ fence.

“It’s very senseless,” said Adams. “Somebody who’s very brazen, you know, coming into the backyard.”

However, it’s not the first time Adams received death threats since losing his job as the Isleton police chief in May.

He says a man called him to tell him he was a dead man.

“I’m pretty certain of that this is all the cause of what I was uncovering and the information I still have,” said Adams.

Just before he left the police force Adams began investigating accusations an Isleton city council member sold drugs and that one of his officers had sex while on duty in his patrol car.

Those cases are now in limbo.

“I think people are very nervous and afraid of what I know or don’t know,” said Adams.

But this time Adams says whoever is targeting him is taking this too far.

“Messing with me and threatening me is one thing, but this isn’t threatening me. This is threatening my family and that’s taking it to the next level and I have some serious concerns about this,” said Adams.

“I feel like I put them in harm’s way because of a job I tried to do to protect people and to make life easier for people who live in Isleton,” said Adams.

Adams also had his car broken into. He says someone tried to burn a message into his lawn.

Roseville police say they’re looking into this latest incident and will likely assign it to an investigator soon.


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