Back from the holiday, Grant kicks off today show with the question, “Ryan Anderson or Jason Thompson?”  Who should the Kings sign, if they can only go after one guy?  Grant also discusses Steve Nash signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and Jason Kidd going to the Knicks.  It is announced the at Freddie Sanchez will be out for the season with back surgery.

Bill Laskey , from CSN Bay area talks to Grant about Freddie Sanchez back surgery and how it might not only be the end to his Giants career but also his baseball career.  They discuss if the fans should have a say in the All-Star voting process and if La Russa should be managing.  They ended with talking about the DH in the NL and hoping that it won’t be eliminated.

John Smoltz talked to Grant about being up in Boston, golfing, preparing for the Red Sox’s game he will be calling with Bob Costas and also meeting Grant, up in Tahoe, at the golf tourney.

Howard Beck, of the New York Times, talked to Grant about signing Deron Williams and how he doesn’t believe the Nets overpaid for him, just paid him what the market dictates.

Mark Followill, from the Dallas Mavericks broadcast team, talks to Grant about more NBA movement and Jason Kidd deciding to go to the New York Knicks.  It was a big shock to the organization, that Kidd decided to go to New York.  The team is currently rumored to be going after Sessions and Brooks.


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