SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A new local business is helping customers save money while business owners gain exposure.

Dealmingo is a web based coupon business that does something a bit different from the more popular Groupon giant.

“Any time you can go out and experience something at half of or a discount, I’m a big fan of,” said Matthew LaMont, Dealmingo owner.

Consumers have recently become big fans as well of the popular Groupon and Living Social websites.

Matthew says serving just the Sacramento region offers a bit more to locals.

“What really separates us is that fact,” said Matthew.

With a business model that’s easy to understand, prepay and receive significant discounts, Dealmingo has generated a fair number of buyers in its first two weeks.

Sales Manager Randy LaMont says the local angle provides something different for businesses and customers.

“We actually have our photographer come in and take pictures of the establishment,” said Randy. “Someone can see the actual atmosphere of the restaurant.”

Businesses like Pocket Bistro in Greenhaven have taken advantage of the deal dishing website.

Pocket Bistro Owner Jade Abay welcomes the local business partnership.

“That’s why we’re doing it, they’re a local business. We want to support them as well,” said Abay.

Unlike east coast online deal giants Living Social and Groupon, Dealmingo offers something to the local economy.

“All that money stays in our community where it’s needed as apposed to being sent of to some other state,” said Matthew.

And aside from saving a few bucks, LaMont says the big win is simply living life.

“It gives people the opportunity to go out there and try new restaurants,” said LaMont.


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