STOCKTON (CBS13) – The director of funeral home in Stockton that has been at the center of a fraud investigation was taken into custody last week on felony charges of elder financial abuse and grand theft.

The criminal complaint against Reginald Thompson alleges he took thousands of dollars for funeral services that were never delivered.

A funeral in progress was even stopped in its tracks when the body of Ricky Cook never showed up.

“We had no idea where my brother was or anything,” a family member told CBS13. “It was kind of a sad situation.”

Investigators say Thompson didn’t deliver on not just that funeral but dozens of other services promised and paid for.

“First of all, we have numerous complaints and numerous police reports filed,” San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Sherri Adams said.

The complaint alleges the Stockton funeral director took up-front money from elderly people planning their own funeral.

When the families of the deceased would call “only to find out Mr. Thompson has indicated ‘Oh, we have no record’when you know very well these elders have actually paid for this,” Adams said.

The accusations against the Thompson Funeral Home go beyond theft. The DA’s office says bodies of loved ones would be missing for days and there are cases where cremated remains were not delivered for months.

There’s a reason his funeral home is now locked up. Thompson is locked up at the San Joaquin County Jail. He’s facing half a dozen felony counts of theft and fraud–

And it could be just the beginning. After CBS13’s first report on the case, more than two dozen complaints poured in.

“It’s just absolutely tragic,” Adams said.

But there’s more. The DA’s office says Thompson also sold fake life insurance policies.

Stockton police want to hear from any more possible victims out there.

Thompson will be back in court on Wednesday.


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