Grant started the show by mentioning the All-Star game and baseball teams heading into the break–primarily speaking on the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s. Grant took calls to see what fans’ perspectives on the Giants and A’s are.

Grant also took some calls regarding the Sacramento Kings and Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson being interested in luring a Major League Baseball team to Sacramento.

Kunal Merchant, Executive Director of Think Big Sacramento, called in today to speak on Johnson’s proposal to look into getting a Major League Baseball team in Sacramento. Merchant said Think Big’s goal is bigger than just professional sports, and is interested in facilitating a conversation with anyone willing to invest in Sacramento.

Merchant said Sacramento has to control it’s own destiny, and that Think Big wants to be proactive in finding ways to stimulate the Sacramento economy.

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports came on the show today to talk about the NBA. Spears talked about Dwight Howard’s reputation after his indecision in free agency and how his image may have taken a hit. He also spoke on Howard’s possible landing spot this offseason.

Spears also commented on Cousins stance with the USA Men’s Basketball team, talked about NBA free agency, speculated on how Golden State Warriors’ forward Dorell Wright could fit on the Sacramento Kings and discussed the Kings’ roster in general.

Before Spears parted ways with Grant today, Grant gave kudos to Spears and Adrian Wojnarowski’s coverage of the NBA on Yahoo Sports and their consistent attribution to breaking news sources.


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