Today on the Grant Napear Show, the MLB All-Star Game and blown calls were the main topics of conversation. While Grant talked a little bit about the NBA, he mostly took calls about the worst calls of all-time, as well as Ron Jaworski’s list of the top-5 quarterbacks in the NFL. Grant interviewed Jimmer Fredette and Bip Roberts.

Sacramento Kings’ Guard Jimmer Fredette joined Grant today to talk about how his 2012 offseason is going. Jimmer talked about getting married this summer, but still having time to play basketball and work out. Jimmer also discussed having Thomas Robinson with the team and how it’s been being around him. The second-year player talked to Grant about what he learned in his first season in the NBA, and trying to live up to fans’ expectations, well as his own. Finally, Jimmer talked about the benefit of the Summer League, what he’ll do different in his second season, and the importance of working out with Keith Smart in the offseason.

Bip Roberts from Comcast Sportsnet was on with Grant today to talk about the second half of the MLB season. Bip and Grant focused on the San Francisco Giants, and how much longer Tim Lincecum will be in their starting rotation. Grant asked the former Major Leaguer about the benefits of the all-star break, and what he thought about youngsters like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper making such a big splash so early in their careers. They also discussed the Oakland Athletics and their surprisingly successful first half as they sit at 43-43 at the break. Finally, Bip talked about his All-Star Game experience, as well as Chipper Jones who is playing in his final all-star contest this year.


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