FORESTHILL (CBS13) – The Robbers Fire made a significant run on Thursday because of the extremely high temperatures, and strike teams are on order for structure protection.

Approximately 1,400 firefighters from across the state are battling the fire, which has grown to 1,157 acres and is only 10 percent contained. Three-hundred people have been evacuated from 80 homes.

The fire is in the American River Canyon near Foresthill, a rugged mountain area off Shirt Tail Canyon and Yankee Jims Roads on the east side of Interstate 80. It is headed toward the American River Canyon area and firefighters worry it could jump the American River and threaten the town of Colfax.

According to a Cal Fire official, so far air crews have dropped a record amount of retardant on this fire due to the steep, rugged terrain.

“That’s our biggest priority right now — getting that fire stopped before it threatens that community,” Daniel Berlant told CBS13 on Wednesday evening.

Brush and trees were cleared around the perimeter of the fire on Thursday night to keep it from spreading.


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