SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 20-year-old and two teens accused of killing a toddler faced a judge and the young boy’s family for the first time Thursday, two days after turning themselves in.

Several of little Jorge Azio’s family were there, including his mother. His father, who was driving the car when Jorge was killed, was not in the courtroom.

At times the family did catch eyes with the suspect, and that toddler’s family promised they’ll see the case to the end.

One by one the three accused of taking the life of the 3-year-old listened to their charges as Jorge’s own mother and family sat stoically, but at times shedding tears as they mourn their loss.

“He’s a wonderful, energetic young man,” Beto Davalos said, remembering his young cousin.

Marcus Weber, 16, Eric Minjares, 17, are both charged as adults and, according to a criminal complaint obtained by CBS13, it was their gunfire deputies say struck and killed the toddler in that Fourth of July drive-by shooting.

Gabriel Quintero, 20, is also charged with Jorge’s murder and discharging a firearm, but the complaint says his gunfire struck only the car Jorge’s father was driving.

“Very emotional, as you can understand,” Davalos said.

Davalos spoke Thursday for the family as Jorge’s mother Taneisha stood by. He vowed they will be sure to see that justice will be served.

“This is a child a 3-year-old child, so there will be somebody to face those cowards every time they show up to court,” he said.

None of the suspects entered a plea Thursday, Instead their arraignment was waived. They’re scheduled to be back in court on Aug. 2.

It’s still unclear just what the motive was to fire on the car little Jorge was in.


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