SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – They are going to need a lot of salt and lime slices at the California State Fair where a Guinness World Record margarita has been made.

Nick Nicora of Ovations Food Services has concocted a 10,500 gallon “Calarita.” The name honors the State Fair and the margarita.

Nicora followed the original margarita recipe from Hussongs Cantina in Ensenada where legend has it the margarita was first created.

The super-sized Calarita recipe is as follows:

2,100 gallons of Jose Cuervo tequila
4 gallons of Cointreau
2,800 gallons of margarita mix
75 40-pound bags of ice
5,190 gallons of water
50 gallons of lime juice

The Calarita was mixed in an enormous, custom-built 30-foot chill tank known as the World’s Largest Cocktail Shaker.

Fair-goers can take a peek and a drink of the Calarita, which is located just inside the main gate of the fair near the State Fair’s landmark fountain.

Anyone 21 and older can purchase a filled 16-ounce souvenir cup for $10 or a filled 16-ounce souvenir shaker for $15. Drinks are $5 each during Calarita Happy Hour, which is 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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