DAVIS (CBS13) – Davis police officers have arrested a suspected Peeping Tom who may be connected to several other cases.

Roberto Molina Jr. was taken into custody on Sunday night. Police say an assistant manager saw Molina looking through windows of an apartment complex. Police say he was spotted looking into windows at 614 Sycamore Lane and 609 Anderson Road.

The assistant manager was locking up parts of an apartment complex and spotted the suspect peering into a window.

Edher Alvarado knew it was his chance to help catch a suspected Peeping Tom.

“He was actually crouching to get on the level of the gap between the blinds and the window frame,” he said. “As soon as I see the guy I know who it is because I’ve seen him before.”

Last time, Edher confronted the peeper and sent him running. So this time, he hid behind a bush and called 911.

“I’m thinking ‘I want to get this guy in jail,'” he said.

It worked. He quietly followed the guy until police showed up.

Molina is out on bail, but investigators believe he may be responsible for several other incidents where a man was seen staring at university co-eds through their windows while touching himself.

Molina says he’s not that guy.

“So you haven’t been looking in any girls’ windows?” CBS13’s Laura Cole asked him Monday.

“No, that wasn’t me. He told me about that but that wasn’t me,” he replied.

“So you didn’t look in any girls’ windows throughout the last few months?”


“OK, so what were you doing yesterday?”

“I’m not wiling to talk right now. This is weird.”

But the news of Molina’s arrest was welcomed by women across town.

“I’m relieved,” one said. “It’s good to know.”

All thanks to Edher. He helped nab a suspected peeper who police say may have eluded them for months.

“I feel good when other people are safe,” he said. “That’s why it was really personal to me.”


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