FORESTHILL (CBS13) – As crews continue to make progress in the Robbers Fire near Foresthill, those evacuated are on their seventh day of being displaced from their homes.

It’s Angelo Thompson’s daily pilgrimage: a walk to the fire map.

“This is Brushy Creek that they keep talking about. This is my house right here,” the Robbers Fire evacuee said Tuesday as he stood in front of the map.

Flames came within 600 feet of his home. But, for the first time in days, Angelo is feeling relieved.

“Got the first night’s sleep last night, you know,” he said.

He can rest easy knowing firefighters are fast getting a handle on the Robbers Fire. Containment lines near Brushy Creek Circle are holding strong, which means evacuees such as Angelo should be allowed back in their homes within a day or two.

He wasn’t sure for a while there if he’d even have a home.

“Got chickens. I hope they’re still alive. They haven’t had any water for five or six days now,” he said.

Before the evacuation order is lifted, Cal Fire needs to make sure all the hot spots are out and any potential hazards cleared away.

No doubt there’s work ahead, even after these residents return.

“Our power was shut off and freezer full of food and I’m sure it’s all over the place by now and refrigerator and all that kind of stuff,” Phylis Espinoza said.

A week’s worth of worrying is now down to just hours of waiting. Exhausted evacuees hope a good night’s sleep is just around the corner.

“Just wanna go home, you know?” Angelo said.

“The only thing I am is tired. I’m really tired and I want to be in my own bed,” Phylis said.


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