Today’s show came from Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in preparation for this weekend’s American Century Celebrity Golf Championship and kicked off a week-long, interview-packed stint for Grant at the tournament.

Joe Theismann was the first guest from the driving range in Tahoe and led off by talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers’ prospects for the upcoming season. Grant and Joe then moved on to the recent allegations against Dez Bryant and the poor decisions of athletes in general, with Joe pointing out that athletes don’t seem to realize that their status as a celebrity puts a proverbial bullseye on their backs to the general public in a world where everyone has a camera or video recorder in their pockets.

Skip Holtz, head football coach at the University of South Florida, looked ahead to the 2012 campaign for the Bulls. Holtz discusses recruiting in Florida (one of the hottest spots in the country for young football talent), the inspiration he draws from his father, Skip; the recent adjustments to postseason play, and even his time at Eastern Carolina.

John Smoltz joined from the range for his weekly segment and discussed everything from news around Major League Baseball to Smoltz’s newly repaired shoulder and how it will affect his chances at winning the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament this weekend in Tahoe. Smoltz even touched on the surprising success of the Oakland A’s, with Smoltz suggesting that perhaps it’s time to make some additions down the stretch rather than being sellers at the trade deadline.

Aaron Brooks, the Kings’ latest acquisition, checked in with the show to talk about the last year he spent in China away from NBA Basketball. Brooks talks about the differences between playing professionally in the two countries as well as what he can bring to the Kings and what he’s going to do to fit in.

Grant visited with Joe Buck of Fox Sports, previewing the playoff races in Major League Baseball and talking about Buck’s longtime partner Tim McCarver. McCarver will be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend as this year’s recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award for excellence in baseball broadcasting.

Sterling Sharpe of NFL Network joined from Tahoe with a fantastically insightful interview. Sharpe recounted his brother Shannon’s election into the NFL Hall of Fame, saying that he couldn’t imagine that even his own induction would be as emotionally fulfilling as being there to watch his brother receive the league’s highest honor. Sharpe also talked about his golf game and how he’s had to adjust through his years at the American Century tournament as well as the recent missteps of high profile athletes, including Elvis Dumervil and Dez Bryant.

Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Vinny Del Negro checked in to relay his excitement over the Clippers’ offseason moves. Del Negro cited the drafting of Blake Griffin as the turning point for a franchise that has gone from a longtime punchline to a destination franchise for free agents. Grant and Del Negro are longtime friends from the coach’s time with the Kings early in his playing days, which led to some lighthearted ribbing between the two about Grant’s rough luck against Vinny on the tennis court.

College Basketball analyst Digger Phelps wrapped things up on day one by talking a little college hoops and offering some insight on the state of professional athletics as a whole. Phelps broke down the adjustment that it takes as a player to move from college to the pros and why some players are unable to make the leap.


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