PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – It’s just a dirt road now, but soon it will be lined with tents and become the home for about 60 homeless people.

It’s called Hangtown Haven, a homeless encampment complete with a fire pit, portable toilets and washing stations.

Ron Sachs with Hangtown Haven Inc. is helping oversee the $78,000 project, all paid for through donations.

“They will have a safe place and a stable place to be,” said Sachs.

The city unanimously approved the plan for the camp to combat the homeless problem, giving it a 90 day trial run. But, it doesn’t come without its share of opposition.

“It’s like feeding stray cats, you know,” said Chuck Holland, who knows nearby property. “You put something there, they are going to come.”

Chuck Holland owns property within 1,000 feet of the camp. He says he’s concerned about what kind of problems the encampment poses.

“There are habitual homeless people who are drunk from morning to night. They’re consistently in and out of the jail,” said Holland.

But according to the city, people who live in the camp must undergo a screening process including answering a questionnaire, completing an interview, and must be a resident of El Dorado County for the last six months.

There won’t be drugs or alcohol allowed in the camp, and Hangtown Haven Inc. will be responsible to enforce the rules.

Eddie Ebacher, who’s been homeless for the last 25 years, says he’ll set up his tent here.

“It’s a community. I know everybody that’s going be here and we all have a bond,” said Ebacher.

It’s giving people like Eddie a chance to finally have a place to call home.

“Its my town. I’m a Hangtown resident. I live here,” said Ebacher.

The camp should be up and running by August. Currently, El Dorado County has about 600 homeless people. Only adults will be allowed to live in the camp.


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