SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s been four months since someone discovered the body of 13-year-old Jessica Funk-Haslam inside a baseball dugout, but Sacramento County sheriff’s investigators have not made an arrest.

“I know there’s somebody out there who knows something,” said Allen Porter, Funk-Haslam’s father.

Each day Porter waits for the call from investigators saying they’ve arrested his daughter’s killer. And each day since Funk-Haslam’s death, he’s more worried someone may get away with murder.

Porter worries that the case has gone cold.

“This is by no means a cold case,” said sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos.

Investigators say they continue to actively work the case.

“We’re still waiting on analysis of items we collected from the scene that may be of evidentiary value,” said Ramos.

It’s taking some time to collect and analyze potential evidence, including DNA swabs of a group of students.

What seemed a likely lead was a home surveillance video showing a man running near the crime scene at Rosemont Community Park who appears to hide when a car passes by.

“We never got that individual identified,” said Ramos.

Not one tip came in after detectives released the video, but investigators insist they’re not done sifting through clues in the case.

When asked when it would be considered a cold case, Ramos replied, “If there were absolutely no more leads to follow up on.”

Porter wants to know who his daughter met that night at the park, and ultimately took her life.

“You know it gets to you at night when you think about things,” said Porter. “I want them to find this person because who knows what this person could do next time.”

Investigators say they haven’t received any tips or fresh information in weeks.


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