Today, Don and the guys are out at the California State Fair at Cal Expo! The park doesn’t open until 11, but the guys are there early to try out the rides, games, and all kinds of other great attractions, without having to wait in any lines! The guys start by talking about the “Softball in the Bucket:” game that ended with Little Joe throwing softballs at the giant stuffed animals, and then throwing the balls at the balloons set up for the “Balloon Dart” game. Don then brings his car over, and he and Craig go for a ride around the fair grounds, with Don hightailing it around the games, rides, and garbage cans like a slalom course, while Craig, who isn’t wearing his seatbelt, bumps his head on the ceiling every time Don slams on the brakes!

The guys then give the roller coaster a try, and the carnie, who doesn’t like to be called a carnie, lets the guys go around 3 times, before they return to the table and try a new improv game with new sound effects Don downloaded on his iPhone. Don then tells us about a survey he read, that says that on average, black women have 10 sexual partners during their lifetime, while black men have up to 4 times that many. Don asks Ron from promotions if that’s true. The guys then try out the zip line, that starts out atop a 50 ft tower, and runs all the way to another tower about 600 ft away. Don and Phantom go first, then Little Joe and Craig give it a try. Lauren, the new promotions girl, even gives it a try during the break! The guys then go out to the bungee jump, where Ron leaps from a 130 ft platform attached to a crane! The guys all take videos and post them online.

After Craig, Joe, Danny, and Aaron the Engineer take turns riding a mechanical bull, Don asks Ron how he’s feeling after his exhilarating bungee jump, and then the guys hear clips of Elton John talking about coming out in the late 70’s, Donald Trump’s opinions of the new “Dark Knight” movie, the 911 call of Dez Bryant beating up his mom, a “Mr. Wizard compilation,” and a news report of a pilot who hijacks a plane after stabbing his girlfriend.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about a Burger King employee who posted pictures online of a friend standing in a lettuce bin, the new Pete Rose reality show, a shoplifter who ran naked through a store after escaping guards, and David Hasselhoff turned 60 yesterday. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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