STOCKTON (CBS13) – Finding strength through music, a local band is paying a tribute to their lead singer, who’s battling a rare disease.

The Stockton band has been together for decades, but now they’re playing a concert for one of their own members.

The love of music and the love of one of their bandmates has Likir practicing one of their favorite songs.

“He was like, larger than life kind of guy,” said bandmate Eddie Likir.

The group has been together since the 80’s but while on stage, a scary moment struck the bands lead singer.

Mark was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a genetic disorder, a disease that attacks the arteries and veins.

Throughout the years Mark has undergone surgery, had his legs amputated, survived four strokes and in the past few months his kidneys have given out.

“He is having health issues and we want to pay tribute to him. He’s the guy that showed us this is what we need to do. We owe a lot to him, so we want to give something back to him,” said bandmate Chris White.

Likir is doing just that, putting on a tribute show in Stockton for Mark himself nearly 25 years later.

“We want to give him back something that he gave all of us, which was the time of our lives,” said bandmate Don Peterson.

“He is not doing to so well health wise. This is a way to show him the love of the fans and the band and bring it all back in an 80’s kind of way,” said Eddie.

Doctors recently told Mark he has just one month to live but his bandmates believe the concert will give him the strength to live even longer.

“I love these guys. They are like my brothers. The whole reason we are doing this is for Mark, to give something back to one of my best friends,” said Don.

And, that the music will live on forever.

“What better way to give something to him then to give him the music he wrote and loved,” said Don.

The 25th anniversary reunion tribute show is at the Stockton Eagles Hall on July 28.


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