Five Children Taking By CPS After Complaint About Living Conditions

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Five children forced to live in what police call a house of filth are now in protective custody and their parents are in deep trouble with CPS and the police.

Heidi Black and her husband David are accused of raising their children in deplorable conditions. Outside their south Sacramento home is evidence of what investigators are calling signs of child neglect – garbage cans filled with trash that once filled their home.

“I’ve had kids since I was 15,” Heidi told CBS13 as she gave a tour of the home on Meadowview Road on Monday to prove it’s now clean.

Police were called to the house Sunday after complaints their kids were surrounded by filth, creating a health hazard.
There were accusations of flies, soiled diapers, mouse droppings, mounds of garbage and not enough food.

From what we saw Monday, most of the trash appeared to be cleaned out. Her husband was not home because she says they don’t get along and blame each other for the mess.

She showed CBS13 pictures of the kids. The youngest is 2 and the oldest 15.

“Four boys and a girl. I have five,” Heidi said.

Not only is CPS pointing fingers at her but even one of her own kids.

“And they’re saying my son said I do drugs and that’s not even true,” she said.

Marijuana planters with dried out stems were found on the porch. Heidi claims they belong to her husband.

Heidi’s father brings food over for the kids. She and David are both unemployed.

“We buy $200, $300 worth of food,” said Richard Miranda, who was anxious to show us the food in the fridge. “He (David) is lazy.”

The food is here and the trash out, but what about the kids?

“I need to be able to see them,” she said.

Heidi says there will be a CPS family meeting Tuesday to determine the fate of the children.

But if they’re returned, will they be safe.

“With me. Not with him,” she said, referring to her husband, who, again, wasn’t home to comment.


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