SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The man accused of driving into a couple and their four dogs, killing all four of the animals and severing a man’s leg, appeared in court on Monday and his demeanor didn’t sit well with the victims’ families.

“All cowards go to a corner,” said Chris Randall, the father of Harison Long-Randall, who lost his leg in the accident in Carmichael on July 16. “That’s kind of what I felt. He just kind of turned his back on us.”

Indeed, suspected hit-and-run driver Paul Walden did not turn around, only facing a judge in his first court appearance since his arrest.

“He couldn’t even make eye contact with us,” said Trevor West, brother of Gemily West, who lost her four Australian cattle show dogs in the accident.

Walden is facing two counts of felony hit-and-run and animal cruelty charges after he reportedly crashed into Gemily, boyfriend Harison and her dogs.

“I just can’t believe that the guy didn’t even have a tear in his eye when he walked out,” Harison’s sister Mary Beth Randall said. “He just walked out like it was another day.”

West was released from the hospital Monday, but Long-Randall remains in serious condition after having to have the leg amputated.

Walden was arrested just a couple days after the crash. California Highway Patrol officers say he was stopped in the same 1986 Nissan Maxima, with front end damage. He was also allegedly driving under the influence during the stop.

“I couldn’t believe the charges,” Chris Randall said. “There’s a laundry list a mile long.”

Walden not only has three prior arrests for DUI, but was on probation for battery and drug possession. His probation was revoked Monday.

“This kind of repeat offender needs to be taken down,” Trevor West said.

The families of both victims say they’ll be at every court appearance making sure justice is done. Meanwhile, they’re also focused on keeping the couple together..

“She still hasn’t even got a chance to see him since the accident,” Trevor West said. “I wouldn’t even call it an accident. It was a crime, a flat-out crime.”


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