SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation into Lisa Serna-Mayorga’s alleged misuse of her city-issued credit card.

She admitted to wrongly charging thousands of dollars on her city-issued credit card. According to the Sacramento Bee, one of the charges was for a family trip to Disneyland.

“There was $3,000 (in charges) that were personal that needed to be paid back. She immediately did that,” Mayor Kevin Johnson said at his weekly press conference Tuesday. “There was another check that was paid back. I don’t know what all the dollars were.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that an additional inquiry resulted in Serna-Mayorga paying back an additional $6,000.

The city now plans a complete department-wide audit starting in September, but it is unclear when it will be completed.

“We’re going to be looking at credit card use across the entire city,” city Auditor Jorge Oseguera said.

CBS13 submitted a public records act request for all of Serna-Mayorga’s charges on that city credit card.


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