Don begins the day by telling us about the portable AC unit that is ghetto-rigged to blow cold air into the studio, and even tweets a picture of it. He then tells us that since today is July 25 – exactly 5 months away from Christmas, Don’s going to have Steve put on a Santa Claus beard and cap and go outside with the megaphone later on in the show. At first Steve is reluctant, but with a little peer pressure, he decides to go through with it. Don also tells us that Craig will be interviewing Weird Al Yankovic after the show, and we’ll get to hear the recording on tomorrow’s show. Little Joe tells Craig not to screw it up, so he doesn’t lose the contact. Don then calls in Ron Ron and Bobby the Fish from promotions, and sends them out to the Arden Fair Mall to give away prize packs. After Don reads another email he got from his D.O.T. buddy, we get a visit from Julie Chen, star of the CBS shows “Big Brother” and “The Talk.” Don asks her if she can talk to CBS execs about getting our AC fixed, and then the two discuss her 14 seasons on “Big Brother,” whether or not Sharon Osbourne will stay on “The Talk,” what happened with Leah Remini, and what it’s like being married to CBS President Leslie Moonves. She also does an intro for Phantom News!

After the guys talk about the passing of the great Sherman Hemsley at 74, and the completion of the trifecta started by Andy Griffith and Ernest Borgnine, Don gives Abe Vigoda another call to make sure he’s still alive, and the guys discuss Christian Bale’s visit to Aurora, CO to meet the surviving victims and family of the movie theater tragedy.

We then hear a clip of an 18 year old with no arms who plays guitar with his feet, and a kid who put a pregnancy test stick in his mouth, thinking it was a thermometer. This gives Don a great idea for a new type of pregnancy test. We also hear a clip of a guy who pranks his wife who is sleeping in their car, by making her think they were getting in a head-on accident.

Don then throws it out to Steve, who is now out in the middle of Madison Avenue, dressed in his Santa gear, shouting like a grumpy old man at the passersby with the megaphone. Don then gets a call from Ron and Bobby, who are with the lucky winners of the prize packs, and Don talks to a few of them. We then go back out to Steve, who is getting the most confused looks from people going by! We then get a visit from our good friend, comedian Pablo Francisco. Pablo, who will be performing at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, does his most famous impersonations, including Michael J. Fox, Tony Montana, and the Movie Guy, and shows us a few new ones, like Jimi Hendrix and R2D2. He also tells us about having A.D.D., his take on Daniel Tosh’s apology for his rape joke, and hosting the Porno Awards next month.

After checking out some Family Guy porn, Don reads the latest column by Craig Wilson, before it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert renewing their contracts with Comedy Central, the passing of Sherman Hemsley, a lawsuit filed by the actors of “Modern Family,” to get out of their contracts, and last week’s TV ratings. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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