Today on the Grant Napear Show, Jason Ross filled in for Grant and talked a lot about Major League Baseball, the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and the 2012 Summer Olympics. Jason took calls about the surprising Oakland Athletics, the stumbling Tim Lincecum and where fans think each Bay Area team will end up at the end of the season. Jason interviewed LaMichael James, John Smoltz and Joe Davidson.

49ers’ rookie running back LaMichael James talked with Jason about the upcoming NFL season. Jason asked LaMichael about any nerves he had coming into his first NFL season. LaMichael discussed his decision to leave Oregon for the NFL, the experience of playing at Autzen Stadium, and how Kenjon Barner will help keep Oregon football competing at a high level. Jason also asked about the 49ers’ expectations for James, and how James benefits from practicing against the 49ers’ defense. LaMichael pointed at Darren Sproles when talking about how size isn’t the key factor to being successful in the NFL. Finally, LaMichael discussed his relationship with Jim Harbaugh, competing with Frank Gore, how Oregon has helped shape him as a football player and his Beat the Heat campaign with Gatorade.

John Smoltz from MLB Network joined Jason today to talk about the surging Oakland Athletics, and their hot Bay Area counterpart, the San Francisco Giants. Smoltz and Jason first talked about the ACC Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, and why Smoltz struggled with the putter. They also discussed the Oakland Athletics and what they might do at the trade deadline to make themselves better. Smoltz recalled times throughout his career where his team felt rejuvenated when a new player gets brought in that can help the team win. He also talked about how the A’s are reminiscent of the 1991 Braves squad who reached the playoffs after overcoming long odds after the all-star break. Jason also asked Smoltz about the Giants, and why Tim Lincecum continues to struggle.

Joe Davidson with the Sacramento Bee was on with Jason today to talk about high school and college football. There have been several kids getting offers from colleges before they’re even in high school. Joe talked about how some colleges do that to stay in the news, and realistically there isn’t a binding agreement to those offers. Jason and Joe also talked about Sacramento prep football, and former Grant High School star Shaq Thompson’s baseball career. Thompson was drafted in the 18th round by the Red Sox. Thompson at Washington, along with Arik Armstead at Oregon, are two local kids that have a chance to get playing time in their freshman seasons in college.


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