By Steve Large

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A dog was tormented and tortured to death. Investigators call it the worst case of animal cruelty they’ve ever seen.

But who did it?

That’s what investigators want to know.

Investigators shared their photos of the dead tortured dog to people who live near where it was found.

“The snout was all puffed out, had blood coming out of the nose, so it was real bad,” said Richard Dunbar.

The dog’s legs were bound together. Its mouth was tied shut and its neck was broken. No dog owner has been identified.

“Two were tied in the front, two in the back,” said Yolo Animal Services Officer Michael Nevis.

The photos are so graphic they aren’t being released to the public.

Nevis says the dog was a mixed breed Chihuahua.

“Not only not able to breath, but unable to move either,” said Nevis.

Nevis says in his 13 years of service, this is the worst case of abuse he’s seen because of how it was seemingly planned.

“I think the method, the way that somebody actually sat down, planned how, let me tie this dog up, let me tie the dog’s mouth to keep it from yapping and then literally strangling the dog to death,” said Nevis.

The dog was found in a field during litter pickup by a maintenance crew, just 20 yards from where dog owners let their pets run free.

“We have all kinds of dogs here. I have a Chihuahua myself. For somebody to do something like that, I hope they catch them,” said dog owner.

It was a senseless act on a helpless creature.

A disturbing find, now the search is on to find who did it.


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