GALT (CBS13) – A struggling cat shelter may soon be forced to close its doors. The shelter relies on donations, but the money just isn’t coming in.

There’s no doubt RJ Verni lights up around the cats, but lately, the founder of Elk Grove’s Animal Rescue League
has found it hard to be happy.

She’s instead worried sick about the 60 cats at her no-kill shelter and the future of her organization.

“We all work very hard, and these are the kind of animals in society that are really throwaways,” she said.

Verni says she’s worked endlessly but with little donations from a sour economy, they will be forced out of her Galt shelter, known as Mason’s Place.

“I’m scared to death,” she said. “I don’t sleep very well at night.”

The rescue league owes more than $20,000 in back rent for the quaint house of cats. She says their landlord has agreed to take $5,000 to keep the cats comfy but if not, “We now know that it’s 30 to 60 days that he’ll serve the papers for us,” she said.

CBS13 spoke to the shelter’s landlord on the phone Friday. He insists he’s done what he could, even lowering their monthly rent, but he can’t afford to continue without payment.

Verni, a stict believer in a no-kill philosophy, says she’s fearful if they’re forced out these cats will be forced into places that do euthanize.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with these animals,” she said.

The shelter requires nearly $3,000 a month to be operational.

The rescue league has set up a website for anyone interested in donating to the shelter.


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