By Tony Lopez

DAVIS (CBS13) – A Sacramento man seconds away from being crushed by a semi-truck was saved by a Good Samaritan.

Before 22-year-old Justin Wilson falls asleep in his hospital bed, it will happen again. He will see the face of the woman who saved his life and wonder who is she and where she came from.

“I could feel like it was broken and I couldn’t move,” said Wilson.

He was helpless, broken and stunned after slamming his car into a wall on a stretch of the Capital City Freeway early Tuesday morning.

Wilson had fallen asleep at the wheel.

“Just fell asleep on the way home,” said Wilson.

The impact broke his hand and snapped his femur in two.

“My upper leg was like Jell-O,” said Wilson.

Dazed and confused, Wilson realized he was in serious danger. He had no where to hide.

“There was a curve there and it was nighttime and they couldn’t see me so people were trying to swerve out of the way to avoid me,” said Wilson.

He tried waving somebody down for help. Justin was a sitting duck.

“Finally, somebody stopped,” said Wilson.

Not just somebody, Wilson and his family believe it was his guardian angel.

“She put my arm around her and she helped me over the guard rail and she said ‘We got to get out of here because we’re going to get hit by a car,’” said Wilson.

His angel was clairvoyant.

“The semi came around and hit that car and it sounded like a bomb, it was so loud,” said Wilson.

A semi-truck slammed into Wilson’s car, seconds after he was pulled to safety by a woman who left as soon as the paramedics arrived.

She was a mystery woman who disappeared into the darkness.

“Nobody knows who she is,” said Wilson.

Wilson is now trying to find her.

“I just want to tell her thank you for stopping and I really think she saved my life that night,” said Wilson.

Touched by an angel, saved by a stranger, whatever your belief, Wilson and his family know.

“Somebody was looking out for me,” said Wilson.

“There’s no question in my mind she saved my brother’s life,” said Wilson’s sister.

And, there’s no question that Wilson and his family would like to find the person who saved his life.

As for his condition, he may have to have another surgery, but he should be out of the hospital within the next couple of days.


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