SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento hasn’t always been known for its music scene, until now.

The week long event called Launch Sacramento showcases all kinds of local artists.

Fashion, artwork, music — it all came to life all week as organizers hope to change up the tune in this town.

Sounds rang through Cesar Chavez Park while fans soaked it all in.

Local musicians got their time in the spotlight at a fairly new event to our area.

“I think right now our city is struggling for a little bit of identity,” said organizer Michael Hargis.

Launch Sacramento is hoping to build on Sacramento’s local artistic talent.

“A bunch of local guys wanted to do something special for Sac and put Sac on the map,” said Hargis.

For the past week they’ve dedicated events to fashion, music and art. It’s a diverse display of talents wrapping up on Saturday with a concert from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Local bands played alongside some big names.

“I love Sac; been here two or three times. Always fun,” said Sean Gadd of the band Group Love.

Fans lined up to get a glimpse of Group Love.

“Had a great time, it was amazing,” said one fan.

“Sac has love for Group Love, we give them love back,” said Gadd.

A lot of people jamming on Saturday are just glad to have something to do.

“It’s pretty good, man. Good to have a music fest here since we don’t have basketball or football or Kings,” said attendee Bryson Broach.

“We like supporting local music and local scene, it’s good for the city,” said attendee Lexi Crump.

“Its a good vibe, nice people in this town,” said Elija Bell of The Bell Boys.

The Bell Boys, brothers starting their music career in Sacramento, say they’re seeing a boom.

“I think it’s definitely improving. A lot more people are coming out to shows,” said lead singer Eric Bell.

From the looks of the crowd, they want more.


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