VALLEJO (CBS13) – The newest thrill ride at Six Flags in Vallejo remained closed Monday, one day after the brand new roller coaster got stuck 150 feet in the air. Riders were stranded for 90 minutes.

They say that nobody can stop Superman except for kryptonite, but Monday this ride remained closed as state safety inspectors and the park continue their investigation into what went wrong Sunday.

“If anything yesterday proved that everything we have planned for this ride works in real life and not just in practice,” Six Flags’ Charles Laureano said.

But the highs and lows of Sunday’s Superman saga were still on park-goers minds Monday.

“We’re going to stay on the little rides,” Christina Foreman said. “That’s where I’m staying personally.”

The park hasn’t finished their investigation into what caused the ride to stop but ” we’ve already determined that it’s not mechanical error,” the park’s Nancy Chan said.

That mean’s there’s not a problem with the track or the cars, but there could have been a computer glitch. Six Flags says most of its newer roller coasters are computerized.

Customers hoping to try out the park’s newest coaster were disappointed on Monday.

“I wore my shirt for nothing,” Superman fan Lorenzo Pesino said. “I really wanted to ride that. It looked amazing.”

It’s been open less than a month, but park management doesn’t like to call the Superman shut down a failure. They say it’s proof their highly promoted ride is safe.

“We actually work really closely with the Vallejo Fire Department,” Chan said. “We had an evacuation and safety plan in place and that was executed really well.”

Cal-OSHA inspectors were on scene for the second straight day investigating. They don’t know what caused the failure but also said the rescue operation went according to plan.

And for all those people hoping to go on the roller coaster named after the man of steel, there’s no official word yet on when it’s going to reopen, but one park official told me it could open as early as Tuesday.


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