Don begins with Craig’s Twitter page, which was hijacked by Little Joe right before the show started, while Craig was in the bathroom. Don then plays the drunken voice mails Slow Joe left for Don on Saturday night, about our good buddy, Sales Guy Sean. After hearing Jerry Jones’ “Glory Hole” comment over the weekend, the guys talk about the Olympic games, how Don thought the opening ceremonies sucked, Bob Costas and Ryan Seacrest’s coverage, the overexposure of Michael Phelps, and the funniest names of Olympians in this year’s games.

Don then tells us about his conversation with Bart yesterday, in which Bart told Don he got rid of his DIRECTV. After Don expresses his disgust over the decision, He tells us about the weird fruit stand guy at the farmer’s market, and his corny pick-up lines. We then hear about a one-armed ping pong player from Poland who is in the Olympic games, and a new Kirk/Spock story, written by Steve, about Slow Joe and Craig. This gets Steve telling us about being a writer for “Screw” magazine when he was just 17. The guys then hear a few Olympic clips, including some screaming fencers, a gymnast’s mom freaking out, and Paul McCartney’s performance of “Hey Jude” at the opening ceremonies.

Don then interviews NaVorro Bowman of the San Francisco 49ers. NaVorro tells us about how much he enjoys playing for Jim Harbaugh, Randy Moss’ leadership, getting to play alongside Patrick Willis, and even weighs in on the New Orleans scandal, and the Penn State scandal.

The guys then hear a clip of the worst National Anthem ever, sung by an 11 year old at a Major League Soccer game, and a clip of a one-legged tap dancer. We also hear Dane Cook’s Dark Knight joke, that he’s now apologizing for, and Madonna concert fans reacting to her leaving the stage after only 45 minutes. Sales Guy Sean then gets called in to hear Slow Joe’s voice mail, and we get Sean’s reaction. The guys then play “Name The TV Theme Song,” before Little Joe hips us to Kat Denning’s boob photos on TMZ.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about NBC’s record ratings for the Olympics opening ceremonies, a hazmat scare in a Philadelphia Hampton Inn involving a meth lab, the Octomom forecloses, and the weekend’s box office numbers. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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