Jason Ross filled in again on the Grant Napear Show. With the opening ceremonies for the Olympics starting on Friday, Jason talked a lot about the Olympics and what sports he looks forward most to watching. Jason took some calls about the USA Olympic Basketball team, the San Francisco Giants, the Sacramento Kings and the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Friday was a bit of a “guest fest” though, as Jason interviewed Tim Flannery, Jason Thompson, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Eric Karros and Charles Davis.

San Francisco Giants’ third base coach Tim Flannery was on with Jason today to talk about the Giants as they battle for the NL West title with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jason and Tim first discussed the work Tim has done for the Bryan Stow foundation, as well as the other charitable work the Giants’ players do. Tim also recalled playing with Graig Nettles, and drew a comparison between the 2012 Giants and the world champion 2010 Giants. He talked about how the 2012 team is finding ways to create runs outside of the batter’s box. Finally, Tim talked about the dangers of coaching third base, as well as how the team gets excited about playing against their rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jason Thompson from the Sacramento Kings was on with Jason Ross today to talk about his future now that he’s signed long-term with the Kings. JT talked about his press conference at Bella Bru and the peaks and valleys he has experienced with the Kings. He also talked about the things he has done this offseason with his training to make himself better, what the team needs to do to be more successful, and his individual targets and goals for the 2012-2013 season. Lastly, JT talked about his friend Donte Greene leaving the team, and the 2012 USA Olympic basketball team and how it stacks up against the 1992 Dream Team.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim, the Sacramento Kings’ assistant general manager talked with Jason today about the USA Basketball Dream Tour. Shareef also gave his thoughts about professional players playing for the US Olympic Basketball team. Finally, Shareef talked about the 1992 Dream Team, how the Kings have gotten better this offseason, and how he intends to progress as an NBA front office member.

Fox Sports’ Eric Karros was on with Jason today to talk about the second half of the MLB season. Eric first discussed what the Los Angeles Dodgers need to do in terms of making the team better. He also said that for the San Francisco Giants, the best acquisition they could make would be Tim Lincecum returning to form. Jason and Eric also talked about the Oakland Athletics’ second-half surge, and how the Zack Greinke acquisition by the Angels affects the A’s. Lastly, Eric talked about Ichiro’s move to the New York Yankees, possible expansion of replay in Major League Baseball, as well as his bobble head night in Los Angeles.

Charles Davis from Fox Sports came on with Jason today to talk about the upcoming college football season. Charles first talked about Penn State, and gave his thoughts on the sanctions handed down by the NCAA. Along with that, he talked about how Penn State can keep the program competitive despite the possibly crippling sanctions. He elaborated on why older Penn State players are more likely to stay than younger ones, along with why it’ll be tough for PSU to keep this year’s recruiting class together. Finally, Charles briefly talked about the upcoming games he’s calling. Those games are Hawaii and USC, Nebraska against UCLA, and Stanford versus USC.


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