Don begins by telling us that Janet’s lump was benign! When Don was told that by Janet’s doctor, he thought to himself, “Is that the good one?” The guys then talk about how the Olympics still suck, especially NBC’s coverage of it. After a brief discussion on the new episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen,” Steve tells us why he could be an Olympian, the guys revisit Steve’s “Screw Magazine” days, and Don pulls out some “Cake Fart” videos. The guys then talk about the nip slip during Olympic judo yesterday, a Swiss soccer player’s derogatory tweet about the South Korean team, and the sexual hedonism that is taking place in the Olympic Village. Don then talks about how glued he is to the NFL Network now that all the training camps have opened, and then Don shows the guys some “Brazilian Fart Porn.”

After Don sends his condolences to Al Brady Law, an old radio buddy of his who passed away yesterday, the guys talk about Artie Lange getting suspended for urinating on a studio wall during the Nick & Artie Show last Friday, which leads to some of Don’s favorite G. Gordon Liddy stories, including him peeing under the studio table in a Tupperware container, and his autograph machine. Loyal listener Ryan, Lauren’s date for tonight, calls in to discuss the date at Applebee’s this evening, in which Ron Ron and Craig will be chaperoning, and then Doug the Car Czar stops by for an in studio visit. Doug talks about his radio show on Saturdays at noon on 1140 The Fan, his TV show on CW 31 Sunday mornings, and then takes calls and texts regarding all things automotive.

Comedian Greg Proops then stops by. Greg, who will be performing at the Punchline in San Francisco Thurs-Sat, talks about the cancellation of “Trust Us With Your Life,” in light of the Fred Willard theater arrest, his process for greating great bits, his podcast and work on Yahoo Odd News, and possibly sitting in for Don in the near future!

The guys then hear a few clips, including a few Olympic follies, a guy named “Tom Waits” (not the singer) who sounded eerily similar to Heath Ledger’s “Joker,” and trailers for the new season of “Taboo.” We also hear about Courtney Love’s tweets yesterday that say the Nirvana song “Heart Shaped Box” was written by Kurt Cobain about her vagina.

After Don tells us that the fruit stand guy that Don told us about yesterday was offended by what Don says, and doesn’t want to come on the show, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us that the San Francisco Giants have traded for the Phillies’ Hunter Pence, the musicians in the Olympic opening ceremonies each made $1.57 apiece, NBC’s Olympic ratings are down from 2008, and the “Top 10 Coolest Cities in the U.S.” And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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