Don begins by telling us that from here on out, he’s only going to watch Olympic basketball. We then hear about last night’s episode of “Lizard Lick Towing,” and the airing of the “Liberace Episode” of Batman last night as well. Don then calls in Ron Ron and Billy from promotions, as well as Bobby the Fish, and send them out to Waffle Barn in Roseville, to give away “The Dark Knight Rises” tickets. Don also tells us about a voice mail he got from a guy who works for Vivid Video, and is interested in doing a “Local Girls Cake Farting” film. After Don tells us about the interactive app that CBS wants to run for their radio stations, it’s time to hear the sound Craig cut from last night’s Lauren/Ryan date at Applebee’s. Throughout the show, Don plays the clips of Craig and Ron’s commentary of Lauren’s date with loyal listener Ryan, and we also hear a few of the happy couple’s conversations, as well as their reactions at the end of the date.

Don then tells us that CBS is creating a new version of “The Brady Bunch,” much to the guys’ chagrin, and we hear clips from Michael Phelps’ gold medal and record breaking performance last night in the Olympics. After finding out that Phelps’ dad is named Fred, Don calls the Westboro Baptist Church, because their Pastor’s name is also Fred Phelps (turns out it’s a different guy). We then get a visit from the legendary Shirley Jones. Shirley, who is performing in “Music Man” at the Wells Fargo Pavillion in Sacramento, tells us all about being Mrs. Partridge, her marriages to Jack Cassidy and Marty Ingels, being in “Grandma’s Boy,” and her new book, “People Will Say.” She also does an intro for Phantom News!

After Don once again tells us how excited he is for the NFL returning, we hear 11 year old Harper Gruzins’ National Anthem redo, and a transgender explaining the movie “Cloud Atlas,” The guys then get into some “Saved By The Bell” porn, and some “Brady Bunch/Partridge Family” porn. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about a Seinfeld themed food truck in New York, The Who honoring tickets from a cancelled 1979 show, a new Lady Bird commemorative stamp, and Chick-Fil-A protests throughout the country. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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