CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – The family of the man killed in a hit and run crash in Carmichael is calling for change.

Harison Long-Randall died from his injuries after police say a man driving under the influence hit him.

Long-Randall’s family is proposing a new law that would impose harsher punishments for DUI offenders.

“I was happy, so happy he was looking good,” said Chris Randall, Long-Randall’s father.

However, Long-Randall would take a turn for the worse, passing away as the victim of a hit and run crash.

“It’s hard, it’s been really hard, said Mary Beth Randall, Long-Randall’s sister. “You never expect to watch your younger brother pass away.”

Long-Randall was walking dogs with his girlfriend Gemily West when they were struck just feet from West’s home. Long-Randall is said to have pushed his girlfriend out of the way, she survived, but he didn’t and neither did their dogs.

“I made a promise before he passed and that’s to try to change the laws, try to do something better,” said Chris.

Chris is making a vow to try to avoid another tragedy.

Thirty-one-year-old Paul Walden, a multiple DUI offender, was arrested for the crime, and while officers couldn’t say if he was under influence at the time of the crash, they do say when he was pulled over and arrested days later for a DUI.

“I’m asking for your help to look at this and see if they can help me with this law,” said Chris.

The Wests and Randalls are teaming up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

“To stiffen the laws and to make some changes in the laws to keep repeat offenders off the road, that’s what we want to do, and with the help of this family we hope we can do that,” said Brenda Frachiseur, MADD.

Until then the family and West will continue to mourn, and make sure Long-Randall’s life isn’t forgotten.

“It’s kind of going to have to be our goal to step in,” said Chris.

The family tells CBS13 that before his passing, Long-Randall did get to visit with this girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Walden, the alleged driver, will now likely be facing manslaughter charges.

He’s being held at the Sacramento County Jail.

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