RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – A local weight lifter launched himself into the record books on Saturday.

When he’s not bench pressing close to 300 pounds he’s on a power walk.

Today Charlie Rice had his eyes set on a world record bench press at the west coast championships in Rancho Cordova, and he’s 85-years-old!

“I bench press. That’s my thing,” said Charlie.

Charlie Rice’s power lifting lifestyle makes most 30-year-olds look like, well chumps.

“Well, I’m hoping I”ll be trying to break the world’s record,” said Charlie.

For the past 20 years Rice has been lifting competitively, but the 85-year-old iron-pressing machine somehow stumbled upon the sport one day at a Vacaville competition.

“And I just went in there with my street clothes on,” said Charlie. “And I did it. I couldn’t believe it to this day. I walked home with a gold metal.”

At today’s West Coast Bench Press and Dead Lift competition, Charlie had his eyes set on another medal and world record: 192-pound bench press in the 85-year-old, 198-pound division.

“I’ve been watching the Olympics and watching these young people. I’d probably feel as good as any of them.”

While family and friends cheer grandpa on at today’s meet, it’s his coaches he gives all the credit to.

“These two fellas are relentless; they work me hard,” said Charlie. “A number of times I accused them if elder abuse.”

“He’s amazing. I hope when I’m 85 I can lift half of what he’s lifting,” said Scott Dolan, Charlie’s lifting coach.

“Oh he loves it. He loves it. I’m happy for him. He just loves it,” said Charlie’s wife, Alice.

“I’ve grown comfortable with the fact that my grandfather bench presses way more than I ever could,” said Charlie’s grandson, Daniel Areshenko.

“I get nervous for him. I want him to win. I know he wants to win,” said Charlie’s granddaughter, Nicola Areshenko.

When Charlie finally hit the bench he crushed the record by 65 pounds. Charlie finished the day with a 257-pound bench press.

He’ll now compete in the world championships in Las Vegas in November.


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