SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento soldier, who lost his leg in an explosion in Iraq, has been chosen to test the most advanced prosthetic limb ever developed.

One step at a time, Max Ramsey is paving the wave of the future in prosthetics.

After being told he would never walk again, the X-3 Prosthetic Knee prototype has changed that.

“This is the first leg for above knee amputees that has enough diversity and function that it brings back everybody to almost being that 100 percent before they lost a limb,” said John Crane, Otto Bock.

There is no other like this in the world.

Creators say it uses the same Bluetooth technology as the Nintendo Wii.

“This knee has accelerometers and gyroscopes and sensors to know where it is in space, so it anticipates the move the patient is making. It anticipates the heel strike, walking backwards on toe,” said Crane.

Ramsey can do anything from biking to even driving.

Running is no problem, neither is an endless stair climb or walking in rugged terrain. It’s even waterproof.

“If you want to go scuba diving you can. If you want to go swimming in the pool you can have fun with it. It’s dust proof. People that go into harsh environments, the mountains, we have soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that are using this,” said Ramsey.

The X-3 is the only prosthetic leg like it in the world.

“There is no other prosthetic knee that allows you to walk backwards,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey says it’s given him the freedom to be able to do anything.

“I loved running when I had two legs and I love how easy this makes it for me to be able to run and do other activities that I would not be able to do with another leg,” said Ramsey.

“They don’t feel like they are wearing a prosthetic leg anymore. They can be in the real world and can hold their head high and not worry about falling. It’s amazing,” said Crane.

One thing is for sure, the retired vet won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

The X-3 prototype prosthetic leg will be available on the market next year.


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