STOCKTON (CBS13) – The success and passion of “Comic Con” has now landed in Stockton as comic enthusiasts invade the central valley.

An event called “Stockton Con” held its first event at the University of the Pacific.

Hundreds were expected to show up, but when the doors opened, organizers were pleasantly surprised.

“Stockton needs a little positive thinking tight now,” said Mike Millerick, a Stockton Con organizer.

And they’re getting it.

“It’s a really good turnout,” said David Phillips of Launch Pad.

Similar to the ever-popular comic cons taking place at cities across the U.S., “Stockton Con” is a place where you can express your inner comics without getting weird stares.

“It gives you an opportunity to express yourself or a part of yourself that normally you wouldn’t be able to express on a day-to-day job,” said Mike Zabkar of Mike’s Games and Collectibles.

It’s not all comics. If you’re deep into card games, video games, anime, science fiction, toys, television and movies then this is the place to be for those selling and buying stuff.

“This is something, quite frankly, to gather these people together,” said Zabkar.

This is a first for Stockton. When organizers came up with the idea months ago, they set their expectations pretty low.

They thought maybe 500 people would show up, but once the doors opened thousands arrived.

“It’s an amazing turnout by folks and it’s still a big line out there,” said Millerick.

There were no disappointments here.

“Very family friendly, a lot of kids, a lot of little ones out here and they seems to really enjoy the costumes and that’s what gets us happy because we get to come out here and act like big goof balls away,” said Zabkar.

More than just vendors and visitors benefitted from Sunday’s event. Proceeds from ticket sales went to Stockton’s United Way and St. Mary’s Diner.


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