MODESTO (CBS13) – The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputy caught in the middle of a deadly standoff in Modesto earlier this year was awarded the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office Medal of Valor for his courage.

Deputy Mike Glinskas received the medal on Tuesday for his efforts during the deadly standoff earlier this year that took the lives of Deputy Robert “Bob” Paris and locksmith Glendon Engert.

On April 12, 2012 shortly before 11 a.m., Paris, Glinskas and Engert went to the front door of an apartment at 2141 Chrysler Drive in Modesto to serve an eviction. They knocked on the door and didn’t hear a response when suddenly the resident, Jim Ferrario, fired shots from a high-powered rifle through a security screen door, hitting Paris and Engert.

Glinskas was able to take cover, return fire on the on Ferrario and radio for help. He was pinned down and unable to get to Engert and Paris, but was able to “broadcast vital and critical information to responding law enforcement personnel.”

Emergency personnel were able to rescue Paris and Engert. Unfortunately, both died.

After a lengthy standoff, Ferrario committed suicide.


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