MODESTO (CBS13) – Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Glinskas was awarded the department’s medal of valor Tuesday for his actions during an ambush earlier this year that claimed the life of his partner and another man.

Faced with death himself, Deputy Glinskas acted fast and returned fire during the deadly shooting in April outside a Modesto townhouse as the three went to carry out an eviction.

“For him to attack us like that was just senseless,” Glinskas said of gunman James Ferrario. “We could have done so much for him”

The gunman fired through the front door, killing Glinskas’ partner Deputy Robert Paris, 56, and locksmith Glendon Engert, 35.

“It’s just real tragic that people had to lose their lives,” Glinskas said.

Just feet away from the heavily armed shooter, Glinskas made a split-second decision to fire back.

At the same time he radioed in critical details about the attack while keeping the shooter at bay as confused neighbors tried to help during the chaos.

“I had to yell at them to stay back because the range of the high-powered weapon was military grade, i could determine that immediately,” Glinskas said.

Sheriff Adam Christianson awarded Glinskas with the department’s prestigious medal of valor.

“when most people run way from gunfire, law enforcement officers run toward gunfire and Deputy Glinskas stood his ground and returned fire,” Christianson said.

The military veteran and longtime deputy was humbled by the award.

“It’s tragic that we have to come together like this,” he said. “I’m very honored.”

He was honored that family members, including his daughter who will soon return to college, were able to attend the special ceremony.

“I’m very blessed that I was able to get out of the situation with my life,” he said. “I’ve been proud to wear a uniform and proud to serve the community.”

Deputy Glinskas is recovering from an injury and hopes to return to duty in the coming months.


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