Today, Don announces that he will be paying off his bet with Steve by washing Noodles’ feet today. He also tells us how stoked he is that the NFL has returned, as preseason begins today. We also get a follow-up to Baltazar’s bowel accident yesterday, as he wrote a blog about it on the Now 100 website. The guys then talk about Noodles hitting Sales Guy Nick’s car in the parking lot yesterday, and Don calls in Nick to have him talk about Noodles totaling his car.

After Don tells us that Ann Curry is claiming that NBC fired her because of her “colorful clothing,” he then pulls out a list of the highest paid news anchors, late night hosts, and tv stars, which leads to a discussion of why Don thinks Paulie D earns his money more than Anderson Cooper does, and why Craig will always be broke, but should have his own reality show. We then hear that an “Alf” movie is in the works, and Mike Nesmith is returning to the Monkees, before hearing a clip of LoLo Jones whining on the “Today” Show, and a guy on “America’s Got Talent” who lets people hit and kick him in the junk. We also hear about a kid who was rushed to the hospital for dehydration after playing video games for 4 straight days, and the 911 call of Randy Travis being drunk and passed out in the middle of a road.

Don then reads a list of the “Sexiest Cities, in the U.S.,” an even tries calling a few. Noodles then comes in for Don to pay off his bet. Using rubber gloves and a car scrub brush, Don washes Noodles’ feet while Noodles reads from the Bible. After the guys talk about seeing the actual surveillance footage of Noodles hitting Nick’s car, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, the NFL preseason starts today, the performers in the Olympics closing ceremony have been announced, a Homestead, FL officer solicits nudity from a woman he pulled over, and a 17 year old wins the “World Texting Championship” for the 2nd year in a row. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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