LODI (CBS13) – It’s said to be one of the cleanest, most efficient gas fired systems in the country.

The Lodi Energy Center was unveiled Friday and will serve hundreds of thousands of customers.

The brand new 300 megawatt combined cycle natural gas fuel powered plant, located next to the city wastewater plant, the state of the art facility turns leftover water into an energy asset.

“It’s good use for our waste water because that’s used to cool the turbine and generation unit,” said Lodi City Councilman Larry Hansen.

Using what’s called a “fast start turbine,” the plant can quickly reach full capacity while reducing emissions and respond to changing market conditions.

“With the fast start up, if the weather affects wind and solar then we can start this up and generate energy right away,” said Hansen.

The nearly $400 million project is a much needed economic boost to the Lodi area.

“We get a long term lease for the land and for the water. So it’s going to generate about $900,000 a year for city of Lodi that will go into our general fund,” said Hansen.

Construction created 300 local jobs.

“Carpenters Electricians Boiler makers pipe fitters and labor. Eighty percent of work force that built this plant were located 50 miles from the site,” said Alyson Huber, California State Assembly.

The city of Lodi also received a one time boost of $1 million from sales tax revenue of pricey equipment used at the plant.

It’ll power Lodi and twelve other entities, including other California cities, as well as BART and Modesto Irrigation District.

Northern California Power Agency owns the natural gas fired plant that’s expected to be up and running in September.


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