SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 56-year-old Sacramento man was arrested Thursday after police say they found his 85-year-old wife soaked in urine and living in “inhuman” conditions.

Sacramento Police officers responded to complaints about the living situation at a home in the 3400 block of Willow Street in the Del Paso Heights area, just a block away from the Sacramento Police Department’s north command facility.

A neighbor reported suspicious people hanging out and living in the backyard of the home and complained of drug activity.

“I asked CJ if his wife was okay, and he said yes,” neighbor Judy Hall said.

But Hall had no idea how police say her elderly neighbor was really doing.

“How could someone do that?” she asked.

Officers say the 85-year-old was in terrible shape, discovering her bed-ridden, soaked in urine, in a home they describe as inhumane.

“There was trash everywhere, cockroaches, the food was not new, it was old food,” said Sgt. Andrew Pettit of the Sacramento Police Department.

The elderly woman was neglected, police say, by the very person that vowed to care for her in sickness and health – her much younger husband, 56-year-old Clarence “CJ” Blevens.

Hall suspected criminal activity, but nothing like this when she contacted police.

“There was drugs, everything, sales out of that place,” she said.

While she says she was also concerned about his wife’s well-being, she didn’t know if she was living there still.

“I wasn’t for sure because I haven’t seen her. I haven’t seen her for months,” she said.

Police would immediately transport Blevens’ wife to a nearby hospital and place him under arrest for felony elder abuse.

Their home is now deemed too dangerous to enter.

“I haven’t seen a case where a husband has been in charge of his wife or loved one and showed this type of neglect,” Pettit said.

Hall, meanwhile, is just thankful her watchful eye could have saved a life.

“He deserves to go to prison,” she said.

Blevens, who is also facing animal cruelty charges, first agreed to and then declined CBS13’s request for a jailhouse interview. He’s being held on $140,500 bail.


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