LOOMIS (CBS13) – On Sunday, hundreds of professional football hopefuls laced up their cleats at Del Oro High School.

The Sacramento Mountain Lions held open try outs for the 2012 season, and while athletes were trying to impress coaches, they were also dealing with the heat.

The Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League were looking to add talent to their roster at Sunday’s open tryouts.

“This is big time,” said head coach Turk Schonert. “This keeps their dream alive.”

Athletes faced the natural pressure of coaches critique, scouting and competition. The toughest element was the heat.

“It’s hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” said Schonert.

While artificial turf helps with faster running times, agility and traction, it can also increase playing field temperatures by 20 degrees.

Former NFL player and Arizona native Chris Carter considered Sunday’s weather just right.

“Last week, it was about 113 outside when we were practicing,” said Chris Carter, former NFL player.

While the heat balanced out the playing field for Sunday’s athletes, the experience level ranged from high school and college to former NFL players like Bobby Guillory

“Dedication and hard work is key to your success, and in life period,” said Guillory.

West Sacramento’s Vice Mayor Oscar Villegas even made his run at pro football.

“This is a great opportunity,” said Villegas.

The Sacramento Mountain Lions home opener is just weeks away and will kick off on September 28, at Raley Field.


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