FOLSOM (CBS13) – A robbery suspect was shot and killed inside a Folsom family’s home in a terrifying encounter Tuesday night.

The family was outside in the backyard when all of a sudden, bullets started flying straight in the direction of the kids inside the pool.

It was a relaxing day by the pool, interrupted by a backyard intruder.

Bypassing the dad and kids, the Folsom Wells Fargo robbery suspect, identified by the coroner as Joseph Riso, 32, of La Quinta, ran into the home.

Alejandro Sandoval’s wife and small son were in the kitchen.

“My wife see the guy inside,” said Sandoval.

The family says Riso chased the mom down the hallway before she locked herself inside a bedroom.

The suspect tried to kick the door open. That’s before he went inside another bedroom, where he was eventually shot and killed by a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy.

Fourteen-year-old Andres Sandoval’s bedroom turned into a gruesome crime scene. A bullet hole was left in the TV, and another in the wall.

Multiple bullets flew through the window and into the backyard where Sandoval’s kids played in the pool.

The small children ducked to dodge the bullets.

“The bullets were above here and the kids were right next to the pool,” said Sandoval.

The dad says he threw himself on top one of his sons, praying he wasn’t too late.

The family was luckily left unscathed, despite the deadly violence inside their home.

“My family OK, this is more important,” said Sandoval.

The family is currently staying at a hotel. They hope at some point to be able to move back into their home.

The deputy who shot Riso has been placed on standard administrative leave.


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