EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – It was another busy day for firefighters who aren’t getting a break this summer, with the latest fire breaking out in El Dorado County.

That doesn’t come close to the ongoing firefight happening all over the state, as major fires continue to burn from Northern California, through the Central Valley, and down to Southern California.

So how much of a strain is that putting on firefighters?

Twelve major fires are burning across California with more than 9,000 firefighters on the frontlines.

More than 125 of them are in El Dorado County near Highway 49 and Sand Ridge Road.

This one’s only 35 acres, but it took out an outbuilding and threatened nearby homes.

It doesn’t compare to the ongoing efforts to tame mega fires elsewhere, using the collective power of thousands of firefighters.

“Fortunately, though, we have a lot more resources we could call upon if the activity increases,” said Daniel Berlant, Cal Fire.

That help comes from the federal and local fire departments.

“There’s almost 60 of us overall, so that’s a pretty large group,” said Jerry Martinez, BLM division chief.

They’re from around the corner at Sac Metro, around the state and across half the pacific.

Resources brought in continue the firefight, wherever it might be.

As busy as this fire season’s been, there’s now this sober warning.

“We’re still not in the peak of fire season,” said Berlant.

“The next couple of months could be even busier than we’re seeing now,” said Berlant.


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