(Roseville) – Needing her windows cleaned before a party she was throwing in three weeks, Bruna DeLacy of Roseville bought a window cleaning deal she saw through Living Social.

For $89, Top Quality Window Cleaning would clean her windows inside and out of her two-story home.

“I’m thinking, wow that’s less than half I normally pay,” she recalls thinking.

Bruna says she’s called six times since early July to schedule an appointment, but they’ve never called back. The company hasn’t responded to our calls either, and it appears their website is down. She wasn’t able to use the deal before she threw her party.

The Better Business Bureau’s Gary Almond says more Groupon and Living Social customers are complaining the companies offering these deals are not getting back to them fast enough. He says smaller businesses may not be prepared for the response they’ll get.

“The companies themselves should be putting limits on how many they’re going to actually sell,” Almond said.

Living Social says it sold 521 vouchers for this window cleaning deal. They admit it’s possible for a business owner to be a bit overwhelmed at the start of a deal if it is really popular. Groupon tells us, “We’ll work with the merchant to cap the number of offers sold in order to prevent them from getting overwhelmed.”

Living Social initially denied Bruna a refund because they said the window cleaners were still in business.

After we got involved, Living Social agreed to refund Bruna and anyone else struggling to schedule an appointment with Top Quality Window Cleaning.

Living Social has a seven day money back guarantee. After that, they tell us they’ll handle refunds on a case by case basis.

Groupon’s policy allows for a refund at any time.


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